Director: Lori Guillory

Cell (337) 781-3234

Lafayette Location:   Evangeline Room

Office (337) 984-3640
328 Guilbeau Road, Lafayette, LA 70506

Youngsville Location:   First Assembly

Office (337) 326-1095
3555 Verot School Rd., Youngsville, LA 70592

As a working mother of four, I always found it difficult finding a great place for my kids during the summer and after school for them to go. I opened Camp Calvary as an answer to my needs as a mother.  It developed into a place for fun, spiritual development, education, and a safe place for childcare. I also wanted my program to be affordable, especially for families with multiple kids!  This is a very active program with plenty of play involved, including swimming, scooter riding, fun jumps, field trips, among other activities provided.

Your child will be loved and nurtured here.

My counselors are top notch and extremely caring.  I am present at the Camp daily and have a hands on approach with my program, children, and counselors. Feel free to call me should you have questions about any of our programs.

Lori Guillory