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Can campers take off for vacation or other camps?

Yes, we allow up to three weeks off at our full-time rates to take off. AS LONG AS WE KNOW BY OPEN HOUSE. (We also work with parents on part time/every other week options.)

When is open house?

We have three open houses scheduled in early May and these dates are usually posted to our website and our Facebook page by April.

Do parents have to attend open house? Or Fill out paperwork?

ALL parents of campers must fill out new paperwork each year before summer. ALL parents must attend one open house each year as details change from year to year. Also, we cannot handle paperwork and handing out shirts on our first day of camp, as we are focused mainly on the care of the incoming children at the time. PARENTS WHO MISS THE OPEN HOUSE(we have three options to fit your schedule)WILL BE CHARGED $25.00 PER CHILD FOR ADDITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS. ANY PARENT WHO MISSES OPEN HOUSE WILL HAVE 5 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER OUR LAST OPEN HOUSE TO COMPLETE ALL PAPERWORK OR THEY WILL LOSE THEIR SPOT.

Do campers have to wear their camp shirt every day?

Yes, this helps with safety on field trips and organization into groups at our facility.

What if my child cannot swim?

The pool we attend has a 1.5 foot deep kiddie pool for all non-swimmers.

How is swimming handled?

During the Summer, swimming is a recurring activity that is offered to campers. We realize the importance of safety on all field trips, but especially on trips to the pool. At open house, parents will be asked to decide what depth of water their child will be allowed to swim in. Depending on the depth, the child will be issued a specific color wrist band so that the trained lifeguards as well as staff can ensure the child remains in that area. Children given permission by their parents to swim in the deeper depths of the pool must also pass a safety swim test issued by the trained lifeguards. We also have between 5-6 lifeguards and 4-6 counselors on duty at all times at the pool. Parents are always welcome to come by and visit us at the pool if they would like.

If my four year old turns five in the middle of the summer, can they still attend camp?

We CANNOT take campers due to State Regulations until the child’s fifth birthday. They may start as soon as they turn five.

Are children grouped by age?

Yes, campers wear color coded shirts and are split into groups based on age. There are times when all campers are together, for example: drop off, pick up, and when we have onsite performers.

How is payment handled?

Registration for summer camp opens December 1st and may be completed online through our website. During one of our May open houses (dates will be posted in April on our website), we set up your credit card or checking account information to process auto payments/drafts throughout the summer. This eliminates unnecessary administration costs which saves our parents money.

Can I pay by check or cash weekly during the summer or aftercare?

No, to continue offering our camps at an affordable cost, (we strive to offer more for less) auto payment is a MUST.

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